Middle & South American StudyBuddy-Meet Up

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Middle & South American StudyBuddy-Meet Up

Post by Admin on Sun Sep 13, 2015 11:03 pm

Hello, everyone!

This is where your profile goes if you go to school in Middle or South America, are being home-schooled in Middle or South America or don't attend any particular course and are currently living in Middle or South America and are educating yourself. If you ARE attending a particular course, please put your profile under the College/University section.

Either put your profile up and wait for people to contact you via Private Message or browse through the studybuddyless future studdybuddies and see if you'd like to send a PM yourself. Cross-continental studdybuddyships are allowed and actually highly recommended.
Go wild Baby, hold my flower (but be home for dinner)

(Share your information responsibly and only reveal things you're comfortable with other people on the internet knowing about! Once you get to know your studybuddy a bit better, you can share more personal information Smile)

Nickname: The Mad Hatter
Age: 10/6 (Yo, it's my unbirthday, people! Get the party started!)
Country: Wonderland
Form of Education: Higher Technical School (...what? SUrprISEd!?)
What I'm looking for in a studybud: Someone to talk to (about our progress, our teachers, our homework, things I learned/am interested in..), maybe someone younger because I like imparting my wisdom AHAHAHAHAHAhahahhahsiufhsiufhs (I'm very responsible)
Exchange student: Am not
Meeting exchange students: 140% up for it
Best subjects: Maths, Drawing, Tea Drinking
Worst subjects: Logic, Physical Education, English
Best habits: Super attentive in class, remember a lot (maybe)
Worst habits: Procrastinatoratorium (took me, like, 50 minutes to get to this point)
Favourite book: 50 shades of Cake (...what? Alice in where?)
Other fandoms: 1D, Skateboarding, Bleach, Emma Watson, Doctor Who, pewdiepie
Educational topics I'm really passionate about: Love me some matrices, also really like geometry. I'm into abstract art like Picass-oh, and big fan of cooking classes. Currently learning how to make a wicked lasagna and how to code. Also, if you talk 18th century composers or Ancient Greek philosophers to me, I might swoon expertly.
I'd like this to: Start as a Private Message thing, then we can move on the e-mail and who knows? Might do the Skype thing once I know your face without seeing it. Write me Razz


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