Taube - coffe and feminism

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Taube - coffe and feminism

Post by Taube on Sun Oct 04, 2015 12:37 pm

Hi forum!

Nickname: Taube! Or, when written in"Swedish phonetics"; TÅB.
Age: 24 (910822)
School/Country: KTH/Sweden (university level)
What I'm looking for in a studybud: Comparing notes, learning from each other.
Exchange student: I'm way too comfortable for that. Smile
Meeting exchange students: I already am via KTH! And I think it's superfun.
I study: Nanotechnology, aiming at a Engineering degree.
Best subjects: Math! i really like transforms and complex mathematics.
Worst subjects: Statistics, but that's just because I haven't looked at the proof behind it.
Best habits: Learning really quickly from lectures.
Worst habits: Beer. Lots of beer.
Favourite book: Left hand of darkness, Ursula le Guin
Other fandangos: Harry Potter, Star Trek, Zelda(Nintendo in general), Good Beer.
Educational topics I'm really passionate about: Logical puzzles like VHDL, math <3
I'd like this to: go from messaging to Skype. Skype is good. I'm struggling with solid state physics at the moment, and would love someone to share the pain with.


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