Ruri23 | Nice to meet you, everyone!

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Ruri23 | Nice to meet you, everyone!

Post by Ruri23 on Sun Oct 04, 2015 8:29 am

Nickname: Ruri23
Age: 18 (20.08.97)
Country: Latvia
Form of Education: Secondary School (it means High School in US)
What I'm looking for in a studybud: someone to talk about school, rival * Twisted Evil *, someone younger is fine, I would totally like to give advice if needed or even tutor (my grades are quite high), particularly interested in maths, physics and coding, because these are the 3 things that will help me in studying further!
Exchange student: Am not, but I really hope to go to Japan one day
Meeting exchange students: who even comes to Latvia for exchange? Laughing
Best subjects: Maths, English, Russian Literature
Worst subjects: PE, Physics(for now)
Best habits: I can understand large amount of hard things quickly
Worst habits: I don't use all my resources to complete the task the best way possible
Favourite book: the Night Watch (it's Russian)
Other fandoms: Harry Potter, KagePro, John Green's books, Pewdiepie, bubzbeauty
Educational topics I'm really passionate about: I enjoy solving equations and learnig poetry.
I'd like this to: go anywhere, this forum, facebook, anywhere you like. I can follow you on all social networks and like/reblog your stuff Very Happy I'm quite anxious about skyping but once we know each other well we can do that, too!

I really hope you write to me! It would be fun to get to know everyone around here~

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