Linguistics Meet-Up

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Linguistics Meet-Up

Post by Admin on Sun Sep 13, 2015 11:43 pm

Hello, everyone!

This is where your profile goes if you are attending a particular course at college or university or are educating yourself on a specific topic. If you're still in school or don't study anything specific, please put your profile under School & Home School.

Either put your profile up and wait for people to contact you via Private Message or browse through the studybuddyless future studdybuddies and see if you'd like to send a PM yourself. Cross-continental studdybuddyships are allowed and actually highly recommended.
Go wild  Baby, hold my flower  (but be home for dinner)

(Share your information responsibly and only reveal things you're comfortable with other people on the internet knowing about! Once you get to know your studybuddy a bit better, you can share more personal information Smile)

Nickname: Alice
Age: 21
Alma Mater/Country: Wonderland U
What I'm looking for in a studybud: Someone to talk to about course materials (e.g. comparing books, notes, online resources, practice exercises), someone to quiz me or whom I can quiz, someone to teach me stuff we might skip and vice versa - so we should be around the same stage of our degree. Also, maybe, someone from Behind the Looking Glass? I'm planning on studying there for a semester or two.
Exchange student: Hopefully, will be
Meeting exchange students: Sure! I'd love to show you around and introduce you to all the weird people (bring a croquet flamingo)
I study: English Literature, 3rd semester of my BA
Best subjects: Interpretations & Intertextual References
Worst subjects: History of English Literature
Best habits: I'm pretty creative, so my notes are always colourful and fun ^.^
Worst habits: I often forget some stuff at home or oversleep and miss lectures...
Favourite book: Lord of the Rings
Other fandoms: Dan & Phil, Victor Hugo, Hannibal, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, League of Legends, Photography, Fantasy Books (esp. A Song of Ice and Fire and LotR)
Educational topics I'm really passionate about: I love analyzing how a writer's circumstances influenced his or her writing - what was considered to be normal or shocking, you know? I also love Old English texts and if I could find someone to geek out with me over Beowulf, that'd be magical. Oh, oh, maybe we could even write sonnets to each other?
I'd like this to: go from Private Message to Skype, when we hit it off? I also don't think I have time for more than two studybuddies, so once their places are filled, I'll just edit this to say that I've found my CHOOOOSEN ONES Nyancat


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Re: Linguistics Meet-Up

Post by Lady J on Thu Oct 08, 2015 8:43 pm

Nickname: Lady
Age: 20
Alma Mater/Country: Canada
What I'm looking for in a studybud: a conversationalist, a sounding board and a debating opponent (in a super friendly non-formal way).
Exchange student: In two more years, it's going to happen. I wait. Patiently.
I study: Linguistics major and PoliSci minor, 1st year
Best subjects: Philosophy
Worst subjects: ...calculus and chemistry? I haven't taken those since high school... So maybe, Latin? It gets really dull. I'm not really bad at school subjects...
Best habits: I obsess and get sucked into work for hours on end and therefore have perfect notes and detailed reports. I can hold a discussion about anything even if I know nothing about the topic (hopefully the other person does).
Worst habits: I forget to eat and sleep. I then sleep through my alarm, missing the test that I fell asleep reviewing for. And don't get my broken window fixed until it's freezing. I get off track really fast, ADHD.
Favourite book: Good Omens
Other fandoms: Miraculous Ladybug, Discworld, Star Trek, Full Metal Alchemist, most shoujo manga, DC comics, X-Men, Deadpool, old school Spy stuff (before Bond) and war history.
Educational topics I'm really passionate about: Etymology, the relation between languages and cultures, historical linguistics, alphabets, philosophy, politics, and learning languages in general. I travel a lot so I'm really into the international scene and getting to know (especially) foreign concepts from another culture's perspective. I can get into shouting matches concerning human rights, and I have a bit of a jaded view on the effects of money and its actual distribution. Also, I love poetry and creative writing.
I'd like this to: be more of a general posting platform. Maybe further down the line I'll find myself chatting more with a few people in particular and then buddy up or whatever. But for now I'm good with forums.

Lady J

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